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Our Experience-Centered Future

I am excited to share with our community a new strategic plan that will carry the Asian Art Museum–Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture boldly into its future.

Throughout my time here, I have seen the role of museums evolve to become increasingly relevant to the lives of our audiences. We have moved from repositories of history to places where we gather to rediscover the past, understand the present, and imagine the future. The Asian Art Museum has always been at the forefront of telling a broader, richer, and more inclusive story not only of Asia, but also of the diverse America we live in — ensuring that the museum truly is for all.

In order to encourage and accelerate that evolution, our museum has embarked on a five-year plan (2023 – 2027) with the central goal of becoming an experience-centered organization.

What does it mean to be “experience-centered”? While maintaining the exceptional curatorial and scholarly work for which we are celebrated, we will expand our audiences and deepen their relationship with the museum by creating inspiring and thought-provoking experiences — both physical and digital — that demonstrate the impact and relevance of Asian and Asian American art and culture in contemporary life. Our focus will be to challenge stereotypes, create cross-cultural understanding, celebrate heritage and innovation, and connect the past to the present and the future.

My sincere thanks to our Strategic Planning Committee for their insight and guidance and especially to the museum’s staff: for their passion, dedication, and the many hours of input, discussion, and refinement that went into this exciting plan.

We look forward to sharing these experiences with you in the coming months and years, and welcome your feedback as we strive to best serve our communities.

Jay Xu, the Barabara Bass Bakar Director and CEO


2023 – 2027 Strategic Plan:

Connecting you to Asia, and Asia to you



We will prioritize the creation of memorable, satisfying, and inspiring experiences, both on-site and virtually, which will motivate visitors to keep returning to the museum’s programs and exhibitions. Partnering with audiences in creating these experiences will ensure they meet visitors’ expectations and needs. By sharing stories with – and of – our community in new and relevant ways, we will become a welcoming “third place” to engage, energize, and inspire visitors outside their home and work lives.



We’re developing immersive digital tools that sync up with how we already like to spend time. Expanding these applications will enable the museum to create new offerings that enliven visitor experiences both at the museum and online. These are tools that make our collections even more accessible – whether with a personal device or as an all-encompassing experience. Embracing technology will also support communication and coordination of staff internally, improving our effectiveness and efficiency as we work to connect with and delight all our audiences.



Significantly expanding in-museum and virtual attendance is the key to increasing social impact and securing sustainability. As a world-class institution and the largest museum in the US dedicated to Asian art and culture, we have a responsibility to serve communities locally, nationally, and globally by increasing appreciation for Asian and Asian American culture and experiences and promoting empathy, inclusion, and diversity.

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