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Community Speakers Program

We bring the museum to you!

Can’t make it to the museum to see our masterpieces or the current special exhibition? Or perhaps your group is planning a visit and wants a sneak preview of our can’t-miss artworks?

A docent from the Asian Art Museum’s Community Speakers Program (CSP) can deliver an educational and entertaining multimedia talk at your location. CSP programs range from special exhibition highlights to regional and academic themes to fun and fascinating topics.

Examples of available presentations include:

Hidden Meanings in Chinese Art
A vase in the shape of a gourd with a blue ribbon around the middle

Uncover some of the fascinating and fun meanings and messages hidden in Chinese art. Once you learn them you’ll be able to identify them in many other contexts.

The Silk Road: Globalization in the Ancient World
A figurine in the shape of a camel

Travel the ancient routes that provided goods, technologies and ideas to cultures across the Asian continent from the Mediterranean to the Pacific.

Timeless Traditions: Expressions of the Divine and Human in Indian Art
A painting of Shiva inside of a elephant

Explore the vast array of Indian art through its major belief systems. 

Japanese Aesthetics: Exploring Japan's Artistic Sensibilities
A box with painted flowers in black and gold

Luxuriate in this truly beautiful exploration of Japanese aesthetics as expressed in art and culture.

New talks are being developed to highlight the museum's collection. Reserve a talk now.


To learn more, email [email protected], or call 415.581.3725.